Congratulations Anhui YIEN 14th anniversary ! Apr 09 , 2022

      Anhui Yien Company has been established for 14 years. After the continuous efforts of the founder, there are two self-operated factories with an annual output of 10 million US dollars. Contribute to the global environmental protection cause. YIEN company main production bamboo skewer , bamboo toothpick , bamboo straw , bamboo cutlery , wooden cutlery and wooden boat .Not only to provide customers with the best quality service, but also the team has stricter requirements for product quality. The quality inspection department strictly checks the quality of each batch of products.

      YIEN company has developed a management team of 30 people and more than 250 production workers . Our team also offer OEM/ODM ,If you have any questions freely mail to CEO Linda the future, the company will provide better product quality and better product service .

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